EastEnders spoilers: What did evil Stuart Highway do to Tina Carter as music leaves her shattered?

What did Stuart do to Tina as a horrific memory comes back in EastEnders?
Stuart deliberately traumatises Tina (Picture: BBC)

Tina Carter has been left shaken to the core when a song playing during the 80s night at E20 brought back a horrific memory involving evil Stuart Highway in EastEnders – but what did he do to her? And why is he setting out to traumatise her in such a cruel way?

Viewers have known for some time that something is not right about arrogant bully Stuart and Tina was uncomfortable when she first came face to face with him after returning from a trip away.

Since then, she has relaxed around him but Linda warned her off going out with Stuart. Despite this, Tina was having a good night with him as they challenged each other to get a date or a phone number from a woman in the bar.

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Tina is in danger from Stuart in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

After Stuart was rejected, he was seething when she gave her number to Tina and after Tina joked that he was losing his touch, it was clear he wasnt seeing the funny side. To get back at her, Stuart swaggered over to the DJ and made a request, knowing that it would bring back a terrible flashback from the past to Tina.

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As he sat down opposite her and watched her closely with a sneer, the song started playing and Tina started shaking. As she remembered horrible events, Stuart smirked and walked out as Tinas glass dropped to the floor and smashed.

This has triggered Tina to recall what Stuart did to her years ago and tomorrow, she will reveal to Sonia Fowler exactly what happened, prompting Sonia to urge her to go to the police and report him for his crime.

But as Tina prepares to confront Stuart, will he deny his actions – and make it known how dangerous it is to take him on? Or will Tina expose his true colours to the Carters once and for all and get justice for what he put her through?

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