How ‘America First’ could turn into to ‘India First’

What is an H-1B visa? America is great because of its willingness to accept talented immigrants. ..

Putin promises special preferences for companies investing in Russias Arctic

The Arctic region accounts for more than 10 percent of all investments in the Russian economy, accor..

China wants to eliminate bitcoin mining for wasting energy & polluting environment

The country with the worlds biggest cryptocurrency mining farms, China, aims to completely ban their..

Pensions wont be frozen, promises Spains Rajoy

MADRID — Spains Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday fended off criticism over stagnant pension..

CAA Signs Stage Directors Jamie Lloyd, Sammi Cannold & Warren Carlyle

EXCLUSIVE: Stage directors Warren Carlyle, Jamie Lloyd and Sammi Cannold have signed with CAA for re..

Mexico ready to retaliate by hurting US farmers

Anti-Trump protests take place across Mexico Mexico is ready to hit the U.S. where it hurts: Corn...

Will the next iPhone charge wirelessly?

Happy 10th birthday, iPhone You may never have to plug in your iPhone again. Apple has joined an ..


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Think smart: Practical solution for a busy Britain

Sparklers for BONFIRE (Pic: GETTY) FIRE UP RED-HOT SAVINGS MILLIONS will be sending rockets skywar..

Turkey aims to boost trade with Russia to $100 billion

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has set an ambitious goal for bilateral trade with Russia, saying he..