James Buckley Joins Rooster Teeth’s Roster Of Gaming Channels

EXCLUSIVE — In another sign the blurring lines between tradition and digital media, actor James Buckley has joined Rooster Teeth’s family of gaming channels.

Buckley, who’s best known for his role as Jay Cartwright on The Inbetweeners, and more recently for his role in the BBC2 series White Gold on Netflix, has been indulging his passion for gaming on the side.

The gaming channel Buckley launched last year on YouTube, “Completed It Mate,” has attracted some 300,000 subscribers. It now becomes part of Rooster Teeth’s Let’s Play network. The partnership allows Buckley to better monetize his fan base through the businesses Rooster Teeth built to capitalize on the gaming phenomenon, including merchandise, live events, advertising, licensing and more.

“He’s passionate about making this type of content as a complement to his own traditional career as an actor,” said Luis Medina, Rooster Teeth’s senior vice president of partnerships. “We’re excited to work with him on developing out that digital presence.”

Buckley will appear as a featured guest on Rooster Teeth’s original gaming channel, Achievement Hunter, and lend his voice to the Rooster Teeth Podcast.

“He’s a favorite of our fans,” said Medina. “And his own fans, cultivated on his YouTube channel, are familiar with us.”

Rooster Teeth got its start with the online series Red vs. Blue, which manipulated characters from the science-fiction game Halo to tell an original, irreverent story. The Austin, Texas, studio has since amassed some 38 million subscribers to its YouTube Network and five million monthly visitors to its site.

In addition to Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth’s roster includes Funhaus, and partnerships with popular YouTube creators Cow Chop, Kinda Funny, Sugar Pine 7 and LazarBeam.


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