Tom Sizemore Has Been Dropped From Horror/Thriller ‘The Door’ After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Global Genesis Group, the production company behind upcoming horror/thriller The Door has dropped Tom Sizemore as the film’s male lead after the recent sexual misconduct allegations against an 11 year-old actress on the set of Born Killers in 2003. The production company said The Door will now recast.

Global Genesis Group said that it was removing Sizemore from the film because of the allegations but production on the film will move forward. Sizemore was removed from the set in 2003 for allegedly touching the genitals of an 11 year-old actress while seated on his lap during a scene.

The Door is a psychological thriller in the vein of Insidious. The logline: In the late ’50s, Dr. Lazarus Saint was conducting horrific experiments until a suspicious house fire killed Dr. Saint and his young son Vincent. In present day, Scott and Rebecca Johnson move into the old Saint house. When people who visit the house start dying, Rebecca discovers the ghost of Vincent who warns her that Scott is becoming the dead Lazarus. Rebecca realizes she is doomed unless she can stop the reborn Lazarus.


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