11 favourite ways the nation gave two fingers to Black Friday

Excited about Black Friday? No, this lot weren’t either. Here are some lovely examples of the nation’s response to Black Friday being brilliantly British.


Aaaaaand it's open for Black Friday. The one keen guy 10 seconds in ?

— Kate West (@Katewest0) November 24, 2017


And the doors are open…. the rush came and went (quickly)

— Frankie McCamley (@Frankie_Mack) November 24, 2017


#BlackFriday in the US v #BlackFriday in the UK

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) November 24, 2017


There’s literally not a single queue for Black Friday at Whiteley’s shopping complex

— Jack Gevertz?️‍? (@jackgevertz) November 24, 2017


"It's Black Friday today!"

— Horacio (@HoracioMelvin) November 24, 2017


Happy Delete Loads Of Fucking Emails From Companies You Bought One Thing From Six Years Ago Friday, everyone

— Stuart Heritage (@stuheritage) November 24, 2017


£100 down to £80 is not black friday piss off

— Kasia (@_kasiamiller) November 24, 2017


This new ‘all week’ Black Friday plan has seriously reduced the entertainment value of the supermarket punch up videos we used to await with eager anticipation

— Quiet Storm (@stormofquiet) November 24, 2017


Imagine falling in love with someone and then finding out they get up early to go and queue up on Black Friday X

— Ashley (@MissSlinkySW) November 24, 2017


Don’t forget..

— Barry from Watford (@barryfromwat) November 23, 2017


Wish they did Black Friday on petrol

— James Knowles (@96jamesknowles) November 22, 2017

And of course


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