Daily Mail offers a reminder why you should always check tweets before sharing

Reporting the on-going incident in Oxford Circus, the Daily Mail’s ‘breaking news’ reported a tweet about a lorry crash – from 10 days ago.


Daily Mail reported (and now deleted) false rumours about the ongoing Oxford Circus incident based on a tweet that’s OVER A WEEK OLD

— Tom Phillips (@flashboy) November 24, 2017

Here’s the news story

Its breaking news alert.

And the tweet (from 14 November).


TOTALLY UNCONFIRMED Mail Online report that a lorry crashed in Oxford Circus is based on a tweet from 14 NOVEMBER

— Matthew Champion (@matthewchampion) November 24, 2017


Big shout out to MailOnline suggesting the Oxford Circus incident, of which we know very little, could involve a lorry based on a tweet from last week.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) November 24, 2017

Fortunately the incident now appears to be over.

Read more about it on Buzzfeed.

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