This Model Has Embraced Her Belly Rolls in the Most Playful Way

In an inspiring Instagram post, model and body activist KhrystyAna turned an insecurity into something positive.

Who says belly rolls are something to cover up? Certainly not KhrystyAna. The model recently took to Instagram, where she has over 70,000 followers, to make a powerful statement about body positivity.

Last week, KhrystyAna posted a photo that embraced her stomach rolls—with a twist on the Chamillionaire song "Ridin' Dirty". The model changed the lyrics to put a positive spin on the body part she says used to bother her: "They see me rollin' they lovin'," KhrystyAna wrote on her belly. The image has since gone viral, with more than 4,000 likes and countless comments praising the model for her inspiring statement of self-love.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, the model explained that she has had a "roller coaster" relationship with her stomach. "My belly was the very last part of my body that I had to learn to love again," she told the website. "Because even in the plus-size fashion industry, a perfectly curvy hourglass-shaped model with a leaner stomach is usually preferred."

Now, KhrystyAna uses her position to advocate for more realistic images of women in media. "When I shoot with a photographer I always make sure to ask them, 'Don't Photoshop my 'pride and joy,' please," she tells Yahoo.

A follow-up photo, the model posted an image of her smiling face with the caption, "Rolls are so high fashion! You know it."

In an earlier post, the model also embraces her stretch marks, calling them "marks of stretched out love."

"It took me a while to start liking my rolls because the industry opinion shaped my own negative opinion of myself," the model says. "[U]ntil the day I️ said, ‘Screw it! Dear Tummy, you are here whether people like you or not! We’re in this together and we’re gonna make it work! Who said a belly isn’t cool and sexy? Nope, not us, not any more!'”

We see you rollin', KhrystyAna, and we like what we see!

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