Everyone Will Be Wearing Their Bobs Like Pippa Middleton Next Year

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No one can escape "The Kate Middleton Effect"—even The Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa. While everything Kate touches instantly sells-out—whether it's a jacket, dress, or pair of pumps—her hairstyles are equally as influential.

In September, Pippa followed her big sister's lead and chopped off all of her hair into this year's hottest haircut: the long bob. Her new cut was a dramatic change from the long, bouncy blowouts she's become known for since we first became acquainted with her six years ago on Kate and William's wedding day.

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Now, Pippa's gone shorter and trimmed her hair into what can be classified as a bob. The slight update to her previous cut is proof that even small changes can transform your look. A new length usually calls for a switch in the way you style your hair, too. When you have a bob, you don't have quite enough length to wear your hair in the loose, voluminous curls that both Pippa and Kate are known for. Instead, Pippa has added wavy bends into strands starting at the mid-lengths to ends. It's a textured, undone look that's a little more casual—and edgy—than we expect from a Duchess' sister.

With both Middleton's seal of approval, expect the beachy wavy bob to hold the title of the year's hottest haircut in 2018, too. Is it only a matter of time before Duchess-to-be Meghan Markle is next?

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