This 80s and 90s Hair Accessory Is About to Make a Major Comeback

First we saw the return of the scrunchie, and now claw clips are officially back. All 80s/90s lovers, rejoice!

I'm personally never without a claw clip. I keep one clamped on the strap of every bag I carry so that I can hike up my strands at a moment's notice—because who can get any work done when your hair is in your face? Now, the fashion world is giving the green light on my lazy-girl hair staple, and I'm all about it.

At the recent Alexander Wang runway show during New York Fashion Week, models were sent down the runway with slicked-back hair twisted into a clip with the tail ends sticking out. "This is Alex Wang's take on the 80’s power woman, when we first saw female empowerment in the office," Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau said this about the look. "The hair is sort of an ironic take on that power woman with the inclusion of the custom-made Alexander Wang silver clips. It feels young, with a slight irony to it." Palau added that a few spritzes of Redken Forceful 23 Hairspray ($18; gave the look some serious shine and hold.

Alexander Wang Hair By Redken Back Shot

Photo: Redken

Not only are they extremely versatile, but you can find claw clips in different sizes and finishes (such as clear, printed, or metallic) and they're available everywhere from your local drugstore to higher-end designers. We love Goody Large Claw Clips ($7;, Scunci 3-Count Claw Clip ($4;, and the Kitsch Open Claw Clip Set ($20;

Alexander Wang Hair By Redken Profile Shot

Alexander Wang Hair By Redken Profile Shot

Photo: Redken

If the looser style of yesteryear(à la the Stratford sisters in 10 Things I Hate About You) isn't quite your speed, Redken's literal twist on the look with more of a structured top is a nice variation to try.Or, you could do what I do every night: In order to maintain an "away from my face" wave pattern, I part my hair down the middle and twist the two sections back to the very ends. Then I wrap the two tails together and clamp a claw clip in the middle with the ends sticking out on each side to keep them straighter. In the morning, I wake up to loose waves with straight ends.This is especially helpful when I get a blowout that I want to preserve—it helps me hit at least five days. Now do you understand my obsession with claw clips?

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