How about having a magical marble mirror cake for breakfast?

How about having a magical marble mirror cake for breakfast?
(Picture: Ksenia Penkina/Instagram)

Instagram is full of cake artists.

People who make unicorns out of fondant. People who spend their time trying to recreate GBBO challenges. People who make cakes out of vegetables and non-sugared, cakey items.

But none are quite like Ksenia Penkina.

She’s a Vancouver-based patisserie chef whose cakes are really out of the world.

Each mousse creation is layered in a mirror-glaze icing which turns them into kind of edible marbles.

No two designs are the same but each is perfect and glossy and way too beautiful to eat.

And they’re just as perfect on the inside, with Ksenia occasionally chopping the cakes in half to show how satisfyingly symmetrical the fillings are.

Ksenia travels all around the globe, teaching people how to recreate her treats, from Thailand to India to Russia.

So, keep an eye on her Instagram in case she suddenly announces that she’s coming to the UK.

Just imagine serving one of these bad boys up at your next office bake-off.

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