Spotted: A $52 Dutch Oven People Are Raving About

The enameled cast iron pot your kitchen needs at an affordable price.

You’ve seen the colorful large pots and the hefty price tag attached to them. We love Dutch ovens for braising and frying, since they hold even heat for a long time. Plus, they easily go from stovetop to oven. But sometimes, shelling out the big bucks for a sturdy, beautiful one isn't an option. Fret not, we found one by Lodge that's only $52 on Amazon.

We already trust Lodge for its quintessential cast iron skillet and love the scraper duo: it works magic. So, we were very excited to discover this gem. Oyster White goes with everything, and while It does comes in an array of other colors, note that prices may vary.

The reviews on Amazon are two-thumbs up: Dody says, “Being able to go from the stove to the fridge then into the oven in one container is a wonder. So sorry it took me so long to splurge”. Another rave reviewer beams. “Love how sturdy this thing is. It is easy to cook with, nice and large and it heats up very well on the stove or in the oven. It is easy to clean with the enameled surface”, says Marissa.

We love enameled cast iron because it’s stick-resistant and adds a special touch to your kitchen arsenal, especially if you leave it on display, say, if you have open-shelving instead of covered cabinets. And don’t be intimidated by its weight: Dutch ovens are meant to be heavy. That's what makes them so sturdy.

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Arm yourself with the recipes you need for your new piece: Short-ribs are a Dutch-oven classic or serve these Citrus Braised Drumsticks With Parsnips straight from the pot.

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