The Tiny Tweak That’ll Make Your Hair Look Drastically Better

Let's get real: Often we think we want to completely change our hair, but once we get seated in our stylist's chair we back down on a getting an entirely different cut. Still, if few weeks into the new year you're set on embracing the "new year, new you" mantra, there's a celebrity-approved tweak you can make to your current cut that will make it seem entirely fresh.

Blunt ends are a common thread between all of your recent favorite hairstyles you've seen celebs wear on the red carpet. That's because sharp ends are a versatile finish that works well with a variety of hair types, textures, and lengths. "Cleaning up a cut with blunt ends are an easy way to update a stale or grown out cut," says TRESemmé Global Stylist,Justine Marjan, who gave Khloé Kardashian and Olivia Culpo their blunt cuts. "Have your stylist use a short razor or shears to give the ends an even, clean finish, the same length all the way around."

While long layers have pretty much been a given for so long, perfect, even ends won't just make your same style look new, a blunt cut will also improve your hair's health and help it grow, if that's eventually your goal. "Blunt cuts tends to grow out great because the ends aren’t shattered, and in general, it will make the hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier," explains Marjan.

If you have curly hair, Marjan recommends using a a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment when styling it and for wavy or straight hair, she suggests running a flat iron like ghd's Platinum Professional Styler ($249; over the ends for a polished look. Before any reaching for any hot tools, the pro says that applying a shine-boosting on damp hair such as TRESemmé's Keratin Smooth Shine Serum ($6; will give hair an extra glossy, healthy finish.

Ready to ditch your shaggy layers? Keep scrolling to see some of the best celebrity hairstyles with blunt ends to inspire your own cut.

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