Anna Kaiser’s Best Booty Workout

When Sir Mix-a-Lot released his hit single “Baby Got Back” in 1992, no one could have predicted that women everywhere would soon be obsessed with sculpting the perfect (and well-rounded) derrières that he rapped about so affectionately. But one quick search for workout inspiration on social media today reveals hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of posts dedicated to creating great butts. “Making sure you have a well-built rear is something a lot of people are aiming for today,” says Anna Kaiser, the owner of the boutique fitness studio AKT in Motion and the trainer behind the bodies of Kelly Ripa and Shakira. “Its aesthetically pleasing.”

WATCH THE VIDEO: 7 Moves to Tighten Your Core From Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser

Besides just looking good, however, strong glutes help protect your lower back and support many daily activities from walking to bending over and running. And because its one of the largest muscle groups in your body, you can drastically change the shape of it depending on how you train. “Squats and lunges are the global moves that hit all angles of your glutes,” says Kaiser. "But adding a power move, such as a hop at the end of your lunge, or mixing it up with leg raises and a resistance band will take your routine to the next level," Kaiser adds.

Here, shes created six moves that are perfect for all levels. From knee repeaters to band kicks and magic circles, get ready to feel the burn, shape your best booty ever and give Sir Mix-a-Lot something new to sing about.

TIP: For the passé lunge, make sure that your knee is over your ankle so that youre keeping the work in your butt and not putting stress on your knee. You also want to go as low as possible to keep the work in your glutes, and not your quads (the front of your thighs). For the magic circles, make sure to isolate the leg movement and keep your hips still.

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