Shoppers, Rejoice: ASOS Will Now Show the Same Clothing on Models of Different Body Types 

The feature is currently only available on the ASOS app.

This is going to make online shopping so much easier.

One of the biggest challenges when you're shopping online is trying to imagine how the clothing will look on your body. That dress looks amazing on the model, but will it look good on me? is the age-old guessing game. Sometimes the reviews can help—especially on sites that have reviewers list their height and weight or when reviewers can post images of themselves wearing the outfits—but that isn't the case for most major retailers. Recognizing the need to help its customers visualize how that top or skirt might look on different body types, ASOS has decided to start showing the same pieces of clothing on multiple body types.

For now, the feature is only available on the ASOS app (fingers crossed it will be coming to the retailer's website in the near future), but it's all the reason you need to download one more app on your phone. The update is slowly releasing to all ASOS app users, so don't worry if yours isn't showing the feature just yet. While photographing each outfit on multiple models would be a time-consuming process, the company is working with Zeekit, a technology company that creates "virtual dressing rooms" based on users' images, so that several models can digitally "try on" each outfit.

Currently, ModCloth and Forever 21 show the same clothing on multiple models, but we're happy to see ASOS joining as well. And this isn't the first time ASOS has worked hard to make online shopping easier. As one of the first big retailers to show all of their clothing in video view, ASOS makes it easier to imagine how clothing will look in reality, rather than just on a stagnant screen. Instead of relying on still images, short video clips of a model walking while wearing each item illustrates how the fabric drapes and moves.

It's more work for retailers to provide video views and show clothing on multiple models, but it pays off by providing online shoppers with a better idea of how the clothing will look on them. And this better educated guess could lead to less returns down the line. One day, VR could let us virtually try on every single item in our shopping carts without stepping foot in a store, but until then, seeing the clothing on several body types is a big step forward.

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