Bud Light Unveils New Orange Flavored Beer Brewed For Millennials

4:49 PM 04/09/2018







Bud Light is expanding its portfolio in an attempt to gain more millennial customers with the introduction of its latest creation, Bud Light Orange.

“Our millennial consumers are eager to try new, flavored options in the light lager category. We wanted to create something new to engage with these consumers and bring them into the Bud Light family,” said Andy Goeler, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, in a press release. “Flavored beer has seen steady growth with consumers continually looking for higher quality beverages made with real, natural flavors. Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Orange answers that call and reinforces Bud Lights commitment to quality consumers have trusted for over 35 years.”

AB InBev, Bud Lights parent company, and other large brewers such as MillerCoors and Heineken USA, have been scratching their heads trying to entice millennial customers who are more likely to prefer craft beer or wine.

In February of this year, MillerCoors launched its new citrus-flavored beer called Two Hats. Peddled as a cheaper alternative to more expensive wine and spirits, the new brew is aimed at the 21-24-year-old market, a demographic the company admitted was “hard to reach.”

Bud Light is hoping to carve out their place in the citrus market, which it says accounts for 84 percent of the flavored beer category. Bud Light was especially focused on creating an orange flavored beer due to its perceived popularity. “In the past five years, sales in the orange flavored beer category have grown to six times the size,” Bud Light officials said.

Bud Light Orange and its companion, Bud Light Lime, both come in at 4.2 percent ABV, and will be available from coast to coast. While Bud Light Lime will be available all year long, Bud Light Orange will only be available from April through September.

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