These Are the Shoes Joanna Gaines Wears All the Time

Theyre a favorite among other celebs, too.

Joanna Gaines (half of the beloved duo that stole our hearts and remote with their show about flipping and remodeling houses) is known for her practicality, style, and comfort, so we weren't surprised to learn she wears Hari Mari flip-flops that check all of those boxes.

What makes these different from the rest of the pack? Theyre comfortable. Really, really comfortable. The straps are suede-lined and filled with memory foam. The pair also has a memory foam toe post that grips toes (preventing annoying foot slipping) and eliminates uncomfortable blisters that youd usually get when breaking in a new pair of flops.

And unlike the flat rubber variety, these have a firm arch to provide ample foot support. They're non-marking, too—they wont scuff up floors or the boat deck on your cruise vacation. Theyre also ultra lightweight and slim enough to throw in a carry-on.

I tried the pair during a recent trip to Florida and was impressed by their construction. Ive written before about my obsession with comfortable shoes and these definitely did not disappoint. The velvety leather insoles kept my feet feeling good during days with lots of walking, and since theyre leather, they looked just as polished with shorts as they did with a maxi dress.

Even better, the company donates a portion of sales to kids battling cancer, so you can do some good while keeping your feet looking good.

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