Rampage Rocks Up $114M Offshore Bow; Quiet Place Screams To $52M – International Box Office

UPDATE, WRITETHRU: Rocking up in 61 offshore markets, New Line/Warner Bros Rampage grossed $114.1M in its international box office bow. The Dwayne Johnson sci-fi simian movie played on 39,800 screens overseas, and with domestic has a worldwide gross of $148.6M. In China, where Johnson has a solid base, the Brad Peyton-helmed pic came in at $55M, ahead of most comps.

Warner Bros dominated China this weekend with Ready Player One taking the No. 2 position and lifting its cume in the market to $192.8M. It will cross $200M there this week. Both films have some runway ahead with Disney/Marvels Avengers: Infinity War not hitting the Middle Kingdom until May 11. (Next weekend, Fox Searchlights Isle Of Dogs spreads the puppy love to the PROC.)

In the meantime, The Walt Disney Studios crossed $2B at the 2018 global box office this weekend, tipped over the mark by Black Panther and its $1.3B. Ryan Cooglers phenom is now bigger than The Dark Knight Rises internationally to surpass all non-MCU folks with capes.

A Quiet Place
Paramount Pictures

Paramounts A Quiet Place had a fantastic sophomore session overseas with $22.3M in 55 markets. The international cume is now $51.7M ahead of several key hubs opening. The weekend reps a slight 25% drop from the debut frame with great holds — the UK bounced up 5%.

Looking back to Rampage, the film was No. 1 in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Outside China, the Top 5 markets are rounded out by the UK ($5.7M/907 screens), Korea ($5.7M/895), Mexico ($4.8M/2,831) and Malaysia ($3.5M/590). WB has reason to be happy with the China start, and rivals see the overall overseas debut as good, if not great. They do expect break even when all is said and done. Holds in the midweeks and next session on the original IP, plus the markets still to open, will be areas to watch.

Rampage carries an estimated $120M production cost and $140M in P&A, and Johnsons been typically tireless in getting the word out overseas where his and Peytons San Andreas did 67% of its global $474M. Johnson and Harris visited with Graham Norton in the UK and they also went to Shanghai last week with Peyton and producer Beau Flynn — San Andreas made $103M there. The 2015 disaster film had a 7 rating on Douban while Rampage is carrying a 6.8 (Kong: Skull Island, which had strong IP recognition and opened 23% bigger than Rampage, had a 6.6).

Warners Ready Player One, meanwhile, added $33.8M this weekend in 65 markets for $360.2M overseas and $474.8M worldwide. The UK ($20.4M) and Korea ($17.1M) lead play outside China.

Hopping over to Sony for other notable numbers, Peter Rabbit is a hare away from $300M global with releases still to come in Korea and Japan. The latter continues to pay dividends for Foxs The Greatest Showman which has now surpassed $250M international, and Disney/Pixars Coco as it hits $37M in the market.

Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.


New Line/Warner Bros Rampage kept WB at the top of the international chart this weekend after leading with Ready Player One the past two frames. The offshore debut was $114.1M in 61 markets including a $55M bow in China. The Dwayne Johnson sci-fi pic has grossed $148.6M globally.

Rampage, from director Brad Peyton in a reteam with Johnson after 2015s San Andreas, will look to hold ahead of the launch of Disney/Marvels Avengers: Infinity War the week of April 23. WB is happy with the China start and the overseas No. 1s particularly given this is new IP. Rivals see it as good, but not great, and expect break even when all is said and done.

Johnson is a mega-pull at the international box office and has a solid base in China where he traveled to launch the pic last week. The movie is the top U.S. title in virtually all markets where it started this weekend and still has France, Germany and Japan to come.

This weekend, it was tops across Europe, outperforming Pacific Rim: Uprising by 23% in like-for-likes, and on par with San Andreas. In Asia, its also No. 1. Outside China, the debut is 13% above San Andreas and 62% over the studios Tomb Raider. Latin America, it bested RP1 by 14%, Pac Rim 2 by 11% and Tomb Raider by 62%.

In China, it played on 21,500 screens with an estimated 70% of the Top 5 movies. It bested the start of San Andreas by 9% (that one finaled at $103M), Tomb Raider by 32%, Jumanji by 34% and Godzilla by 54%. It came in about 20% below Kong: Skull Island whose featured player is a familiar commodity. Depending on the hold, it could get up to and exceed Jumanji ($77M), bringing in a $20M+ rental there. The Douban score is 6.8.

The UK is the second best start at $5.7M on 907 screens in first position, beating Tomb Raider and Pac Rim 2. Korea came in on $5.7M as well, also No. 1 and besting Godzilla and Tomb. Mexico was too a No. 1 with $4.8M on 2,831 screens on par with Pac Rim, 52% above Jumanji and more than double Tomb Raider. Malaysia rounds out the Top 5 with 78% of the chart and $3.5M on 390. There, Rampage bested Kong by 15% and San Andreas by 62%.

In other plays, Indonesia ($3.1M/687 screens) was 48% better than Kong; Russia grossed $3.1M on 2,668 screens; the UAE dominated with $2.2M on 168 screens to pass all comps and land with WBs 2nd biggest opening day ever; and Vietnam was worth $1.2M on 430 to score the 2nd best opening weekend for WB.

In IMAX, Rampage grossed $10M globally with $4.5M on 507 Chinese screens.


Universal/Blumhouses horror pic made its overseas debut in 7 markets for $2.6M. The best start was in the UK with $1.3M at 443 dates, outperforming The Visit. Next weekend adds 18 markets including Mexico with rollout continuing through May and June.

Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale stars with Violet Beane and Tyler Posey in the story of a harmless game of Truth or Dare gone wrong as a group of friends finds someone — or something — punishing those who tell a lie or refuse the dare. Jeff Wadlow directs the $5M budgeted pic that made $19M domestically this session.


Warner Bros Pictures

Warner Bros/Village Roadshows Steven Spielberg VR-themed title dipped 58.6% in the third frame as WBs Rampage started monkeying around in 61 markets. RP1 was on 18,780 screens this weekend in 65 hubs with the international cume now $360.2M and the worldwide tally $474.8M.

China continues apace, adding $13.9M this session to lift it to $192.8M. Already WBs biggest movie ever in the Middle Kingdom, its also the No. 1 Hollywood movie of the year and the No. 3 overall. It had solid midweeks last week and will cross $200M in the market, an impressive feat thats aided by great word of mouth.

The No. 2 market overseas is the UK ($20.4M) followed by Korea ($17.1M), France ($14.9M) and Russia ($11.7M). Japan launches on Friday.


Paramount Pictures

From Paramount and Platinum Dunes, the John Krasinski-helmed silent horror pic had a scary good hold overseas this session. It dropped just 25% and, ironically for a movie in which the protagonists mustnt speak lest evil forces find them, its working off strong word of mouth. The UK was up 5% while Australia dipped just 4% and horror-loving Brazil slid a slight 16%.

Also starring Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt, the movie added $22.3M this weekend for an offshore total thats now $51.7M. The global tally is $151.3M. France, Spain, Japan and China are still to release. That China date of May 18 was a great get for Paramount in a rare horror slot as I reported earlier this week.

For all markets in release the international cume is 76% above Dont Breathe, 57% above Get Out, 50% above Lights Out, 7% above The Conjuring and 10% below Split.

In new plays this frame, A Quiet Place took $2.2M at 1,092 locations in Russia for the biggest Paramount horror opening ever. Korea bowed No. 2 with $2.2M at 677; Germany was also No. 2 at $1.2M and 370 locations; and the Philippines bowed in 2nd place with $758K at 174. Hong Kong nabbed a super $713K at 36 for Pars biggest horror bow in the market.

Holdovers saw the UK jump to a $9.2M cume. Mexico is now at $5.1M, followed by Australia with $4.6M, Brazil at $3.9M and Taiwan with $1.9M.


Peter Rabbit
Sony Animation

In holdover markets, theyre saying “show me the bunny.” With $12.7M more in his bonnet this weekend, Sonys Peter Rabbit has climbed to $184.4M at the international box office. Globally, hes a whisker away from $300M at $298.2M. The UK and France led all markets with $2.7M (-40%/$53.3M cume) and $2.2M (-11%/$5.9M cume), respectively; and Poland opened No. 1 with $750K (including previews). Adding to the already opened 55 markets, Korea and Japan will bow in May.

Still going in 64 markets, including the addition of Japan this session, Legendary/Universals Pac Rim 2 added $6.1M for a $123.3M offshore cume, not including China. The Japan opening was good for $3.28M at 320 locations.


The Universal comedy picked up $3.9M in 21 markets this frame, taking the offshore cume to $16M so far. There were six new hubs including Germany which is typically a solid play for Hollywood laughs. At 495 locations there, the Kay Cannon-helmed title grossed $1.27M. The start was ahead of The Boss and Sisters in what was an overall soft market. Austria was a No. 1 play at $308K in 71 locations to best Game Night and The Boss. Australia was the top hold and has cumed $6.7M with the UK at $5M. Theres a lot of rollout still to come with Spain, Italy, Russia and Mexico in May and France in August.


Red Sparrow (FOX): $3M intl weekend (36 markets); $96.2M intl cume
Love, Simon (FOX): $2.9M intl weekend (15 markets); $10.3M intl cume
Sherlock Gnomes (PAR): $2.7M intl weekend (32 markets); $15.2M intl cume
Coco (DIS): $2.6M intl weekend ($2.2M from Japan); $584.9M intl cume
Black Panther (DIS): $2.6M intl weekend; $639.7M intl cume
Campeones (UNI): $2.5M intl weekend (Spain only); $5.8M Spain cume
Isle Of Dogs (FOX): $2.3M intl weekend (6 markets); $8.7M intl cume
Tomb Raider (WB): $1.9M intl weekend (60 markets); $2118M intl cume
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (SNY): $1.9M intl weekend (28 markets); $550M intl cume
The Greatest Showman (FOX): $1.7M intl weekend (13 markets, includes 4% increase in Oz); $251.4M intl cume
Boss Baby (UNI): $1.3M intl weekend (Japan only); $26.9M Japan cume
Den Of Thieves (STX): $993K intl weekend; $33.6M intl cume
The Post (UNI/AMB): $800K intl weekend (9 Universal markets); $92.6M itnl cume
Lady Bird (UNI): $400K intl weekend (22 markets); $49M intl cume
Gringo (STX): $141K intl weekend; $3.7M intl cume



The Luc Besson-produced Taxi 5 drove off with a comScore-reported $9.3M in France this weekend, 20 years after the original film created the groundbreaking franchise. The Marseille-based actioner comes 11 years after the last installment and since a U.S. version starred Queen Latifah, followed by an NBC TV series adaptation that was canceled in 2015.

This sort of reboot replaces original star Sami Naceri with Franck Gastambide who also directs and co-wrote the script. Besson produces via his EuropaCorp. Gastambide plays a Marseille police officer who must take down a gang of Ferrari-driving Italian thieves.

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