The Green Bay Packers Stadium Has Become A Frozen Tundra

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10:52 AM 04/16/2018







Lambeau Field is blanketed with snow and not in great shape.

Its the middle of April. Its supposed to be sunny, warm and fun outside. People in Green Bay are living in a very different world right now.

The Green Bay Packers tweeted out a photo of the stadium Monday, and theres snow everywhere.


— Green Bay Packers (@packers) April 16, 2018

I grew up in Wisconsin, so I know the hellish tundra the state can become. The winters back home can break a mans soul. You have to be a warrior to survive in negative 40-degree temperatures. However, thats all supposed to be done and over with by April.

Its still dumping snow? How is that even possible? Its officially spring. People should be outside having fun. They shouldnt be outside in winter jackets slopping around in boots.

Life isnt always fair, and apparently, the people back in Wisconsin are having a brutal go about it right now. Thats why were just cut from a different cloth. Hopefully, this ends soon, and they get outside cracking some beers.

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