Why This Fitness Influencer Is Totally Fine With Her Weight Gain 

Most body transformation images show people who go from overweight or obese to thinner and fitter. But one fitness influencer has flipped that script, putting out a before-and-after swimsuit photo that shows how she gained weight. The best part? She's glad about it.

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On Wednesday, Beck Jackson posted the side-by-side comparison of how her body has changed over the past four months, going from super thin to rounder and fuller, with a tiny bit of belly showing at the top of her bikini bottoms.

“Yes Ive probably gained a kilo [2.2 lbs] or two (I dont actually know because I dont [weigh] myself) but yes Im less toned than I was 4 months ago, no I dont think Im unhealthy, no Im not unhappy,” the 23-year-old wrote.

“Ive had fun, Ive been on holidays, Ive been eating amazing food, I havent been beating myself up when I dont get to the gym because Im too busy living my life, [Ive] been really really HAPPY!” she wrote. “Thats why I may look a little softer than I did 4 months ago.”

Though shes rocking body confidence now, Jackson admitted that she hasnt always thought about her shape in such a positive way.

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“It would have been a different story two years ago, when I was 19-20 years old,” she wrote. “If I fluctuated in weight by even 100 grams [.2 lbs] I would LOSE MY SHIT, let alone if my body actually changed, I probably would have had a severe mental breakdown.”

These days, saving room for dessert is more important to Jackson than negative self-talk. “Just a tip: your body doesnt define who you are as a person, your weight shouldnt control your life, and if you want to eat a bowl of ice cream after dinner – EAT A BOWL OF ICE CREAM AFTER DINNER!” she wrote. “Because life is too short to give up those simple little pleasures.”

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