Joakim Noah Was Spotted Today. Hes Not Looking Too Hot

Joakim Noah has reemerged from exile to reveal his new lease on life — and he looks a little different.

Its unclear how long Joakim has been living his best life but it seems like hes been doing it long enough to grow out a new and bizarrely blonde beard. The Knicks center — who was placed on indefinite leave back in January after reportedly getting into a dispute with head coach Jeff Hornacek — seems to be in a much chiller place nowadays.

First, because hes in his second year of a $72 million contract, despite never having touched a basketball court in months. And second, because he seems to be in some remote, tropical land ringing Earth Day 2018 in style.

In an Instagram video published early on Monday morning, Noah captioned his chillaxed adventure with the caption, “Jah bless the earth.”

He also included an Instagram story captioned, “Happy earth day Ras.”

And even though it looks like Joakim is living his best life, I still have a bunch of questions for him. Like, where is he? Is he a recent convert to Rastafarianism? Should we expect him to dreadlock his hair soon? Why is his beard so much lighter than his normal hair? And lastly but perhaps most importantly, where does he stand on the Shania Twain controversy?

These are just a few questions I have for Joakim. If he could get some answers back to me as soon as possible, that would be great. Otherwise, I couldnt be happier for him.

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