Macron’s tree removed from White House lawn

A tree given as a gift to Donald Trump by Emmanuel Macron has disappeared days after being planted.

The US and French presidents ceremoniously planted the European Sessile Oak on the South Lawn of the White House on Monday during Mr Macron's state visit.

The pair threw dirt onto the newly installed tree, which was brought to the US from Belleau Woods, where thousands of US Marines died during the First World War.

Image:A yellow spot is seen where the tree once stood

Their wives, Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron, watched on.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Mr Trump said France was "a very special country", adding: "I love the tree."

Mr Macron said the gift would be a reminder of the "ties that bind us".

But pictures taken by a Reuters photographer this weekend show a yellow spot where the tree had stood.

No official explanation has been given, although a source in the Elysee Palace cited by the Huffington Post said the tree was in quarantine.

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A yellow spot is seen where the tree planted by Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump stood on the South Lawn of the White House
Image:The White House has yet to comment on what happened to the tree

The US Customs and Border Protection website says that "depending on the country of origin, some fruits, vegetables, and plants may be brought into the United States without advance permission, provided they are declared, inspected, and found free of pests".

It adds: "However, certain plants and ANY plant parts intended for growing (propagative) require a foreign phytosanitary certificate in advance."

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