We Found The Most Unbearable Child In America, And Shes From Beverly Hills [VIDEOS]

We might have found the most unbearable child on the planet, and her name is Nicolette Gray.

The Beverly Hills native has been getting lots of attention online after making some insane videos displaying her mothers money. In fact, she freaked out because her mother cut her allowance from $5,000 to $1,000.

Her mother, who is a doctor, doesnt appear to be much better of a person. They appeared together on the British show “This Morning,” and it was stunning to watch these two.

A job? No! – Beverly Hills brat Nicolette Gray says shes not prepared to work for her money but insists her monthly allowance of between $5000 and $1000 isnt enough to buy the luxuries shes become accustomed to!

— This Morning (@thismorning) May 11, 2018

Heres part of the problem for me. I dont blame Nicolette nearly as much as I blame her mom. Shes 16 years old, and if youre a terrible teenager with this kind of behavior, then Im looking at your parents.

Who the hell is dumb enough to hand their child a thousand-dollar allowance? You are setting up your child to live a horrific life. She wont get a job or do any work? Give me a break. Find a ranch in Idaho and send her out there as fast as you can. No cell phone, no computer and nothing else to make her life easy. She can spend 16 hours a day in a field for a summer, and then well see what she thinks about her attitude.

Look, I love money. This is no secret. I always have and always will. Money gives you freedom, and theres nothing wrong with that.

Behaving like this, however, is the reason why people hate the wealthy. This idiotic child and the woman who raised her this way are the reason those with money are painted as terrible people. Trust me, there are plenty of people with money in the bank that raise their children the right way. They dont just hand them stacks of cash. You know, they actually make an effort to raise them properly.

Finally, as Ive said before, you dont actually prove much with lavish displays of wealth. The wealthiest people I know have more money than God and still eat at Culvers and wear blue jeans. True wealth doesnt need to draw attention to itself. Only those who are compensating behave the way this young woman and mother do. Congrats, they have enough money to live in Beverly Hills, but clearly not enough money to be confident about their stature in the world. Its sad every time I see it, and it probably always will be.

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