The German Farmer Who Built a 60,000 Head Dairy Juggernaut in Russia (Video)

He farms 200,000 hectares (500,000 acres). Western sanctions have dramatically boosted his business.

One of Putins biggest fans and a prominent businessman in the agriculture industy, Stefan Dürr has built a farming empire in Russia. Dürr emigrated from Germany to Siberia when he was a student and now has his own empire in Russia. He owns at least 200,000 hectares of land and has 60,000 cows and 4,000 employees. Two years ago Vladimir Putin personally handed him the certificate of Russian citizenship.

Russia wants to become independent of European Union imports and Dürrs milk empire benefits from this policy. Thats because he also receives some of the state subsidies that are being invested in building up Russias agriculture. Wherever Dürr shows up, be it at the Agrofarm agricultural trade show in Moscow, or at the regional ministries of Kaluga and Voronezh, people listen to him and rely on him. We meet a man who waxes lyrical about how much he has been able to grow in Russia, how he has been able to buy land and develop as an entrepreneur and also get involved in politics. Watch full documentary.

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