Caps Edge Out The Vegas Golden Knights In Electric Game Two [VIDEO]

The Washington Capitals reclaimed home ice advantage after beating the Vegas Golden Knights 3-2 in game two of the Stanley Cup Final Wednesday night.

My mind was racing before this game even got underway. What if the Caps came out with no defense again? What if we couldnt skate with the Knights? What if their speed was something we simply couldnt match? What if the wheels fell off late in the game again?

Its easy to be a basketball fan. You pretty much always know who will win before tip even happens. No need to grow a ton of gray hair worrying about could happen. You think Warriors fans are worried about any of the stuff I mentioned above? Of course not. Meanwhile, Im over here growing plenty of gray hair worrying. (SLIDESHOW: The Rink Might Be Cold, But These Women Are Scorching Hot)

Caps 365 | For the first time in franchise history, Washington has won a #StanleyCup Final game #ALLCAPS

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) May 31, 2018

I settled in for puck drop with a Miller Lite in my hand ready to face whatever fate was ahead for Caps fans. The game eventually got underway after another pathetic pregame, which I will address later today. For now, lets focus on the game.

Turns out, I didnt have much to worry about. The Caps came out looking outstanding. They were hitting hard, as I said they had to do, and they were hammering the net. It was a majestic site to behold. It kind of reminded me of the first time you see a smoking hot woman. Thats a moment that stays with you forever. Thats how I was feeling as the final seconds ticked off. The Caps had done it. They had evened the series, and Holtby had one of the coolest saves Ive ever seen.


— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) May 31, 2018

Now, its up to Oshie, Ovechkin, Holtby and the rest of the goon squad to play three more great games. As for hockey fans in general, you couldnt have asked for a better start to this series. Two great games between two great teams. Thats what hockey is all about.

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