Vegas Stanley Cup Pregame Is An Abomination And Embarrassment To Hockey

The Vegas Golden Knights should be embarrassed to show their faces after another sickening Stanley Cup Final pregame against the Washington Capitals.

I already wrote about this after game one because something had to be said immediately. But I thought to myself that maybe they got this garbage out of their system after game one. Maybe the team and NHL thought the fans wanted a “Game of Thrones” episode before a game. Its pretty damn stupid, but I was willing to stomach it once.

Oh, how wrong I was when I saw what happened prior to game two. It made the game one pregame look sane and normal. What dumbass ideas did the Knights come up with this time? Nothing major, except violins and Imagine Dragons playing before the game. Yes, somebody thought hockey fans wanted to see violins prior to a Stanley Cup Final game. You can watch this absurdity below. (SLIDESHOW: HOCKEY RINKS MIGHT BE COLD, BUT THESE WOMEN ARE SCORCHING HOT)

Heres my only message for the imbeciles who thought this was necessary. Listen carefully to the words in the video because theyre very important, and then do exactly what is said:

Hockey is a mans game. Its for the toughest of the tough. Its for men capable of growing majestic facial hair, having outstanding flow, looking great without a few teeth — guys prepared to drop gloves at one moment and steal your girlfriend the next.

Its not a sport for violins and Imagine Dragons. Nothing against Imagine Dragons. They, like everybody else, have a role in this life, and Im pretty damn sure that its not in the NHL.

I would fire scores of people if I owned an NHL team and this idea was ever presented to me. You think the hockey gods would approve of this crap? Herb Brooks is rolling over in his grave at this disaster. Did Brooks and the 1980 Olympic team need violins and a band to beat the Russians? No, they didnt. They were just a bunch of beer-drinking college kids who played pick. Thats all they ever needed to win.

The violins part is by far the worst. Is there a hockey fan on this planet who even owns a violin? My money is on hell no. Hockey fans are the dudes in the garage with a 30 pack of Busch Light talking about putting pucks on net as some old school country or rock plays in the background. A violin? It makes me want to puke.

Its this simple in my eyes. Teams that deserve to win are the teams that embrace the fringe class and renegade mentality that made the NHL and hockey what is today. Teams that support this garbage weve seen the last two games can get the hell out of the country. I couldnt care less if you disagree. Now, lets get this series back to Washington and show the world how to do it correctly.

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