Watch Surfer Brutally Wipe Out While Trying To Conquer Massive Wave [VIDEO]

Pro surfer Makua Rothman is getting international attention this week after video surfaced of him royally wiping out from a massive wave break.

The video is downright unbelievable. Its probably a miracle that he lived, let alone lived to talk about it.

The wipeout took place in Cloudbreak, Fiji, where some of the worlds largest waves can be found. According to TMZ, the wave he was attempting to surf is one of the biggest ever documented in history.

Explaining the whole thing firsthand, Rothman, a Hawaii native whos grown up surfing his whole life, called it the “thrashing of a lifetime.”

“It just shook the living daylights out of me,” he told TMZ. “I cant really explain what it felt like … maybe if Godzilla or King Kong grabbed you and was just shy of ripping you in half.”

Rothman is the 2015 Big Wave champion, so he seems pretty used to getting tossed around by Mother Nature.

I dont think any experience can prepare you for something like this though. Its just good to hear hes doing alright.

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