Were 100 Days Way From Our First Sunday With NFL Football. Time To Crack A Beer

Were officially 100 days away from seeing our first snaps of NFL football on Sundays.

Our first full slate of games gets here September 9, and hitting the century mark seems like a hell of a great reason to celebrate.

OTAs got us like

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How do I know that God exists? I know because football exists. How could such a perfect sport exist if there wasnt a God looking down from above wishing us the best? It doesnt make sense at all. (SLIDESHOW: These Sexy Women Love Football)

Football is a sport where the boys are separated from the men. Every play, 11 men line up against each other, and we find out who the best is on every single play. Take a play off and youre fixing to get wrecked.


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Football has been a huge part of my life. Its something that many of my family members and friends have bonded over for decades. Its a sport Ive been closely tied with for a large chunk of my life, and thats not changing soon.

Plus, its also an outstanding excuse to crack a few beers. Youre not living until youre crushing beers as your team is slicing and dicing up a defense. Thats what America is all about. We also get to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There are the moments when we get to see our team pull out incredible wins, and then we sometimes get our hearts crushed.

Id also be an idiot if I didnt mention that football has also resulted in some incredible movie moments.

I cant wait for September 9 to get here. Its going to be incredible to watch Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions shred defenses all over the field. Lets go!

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