Take a look at the most Instagrammed bars in London

Take a look at the most Instagrammed bars in London
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Actually going out and paying for drinks? In this economy?

If youre going to make an effort to head to a bar, itd better be good. By which we mean, obviously, ripe with Instagram opportunities.

If theres no palm print wallpaper and excellent cocktail glasses, we might as well hit up a Wetherspoon, am I right?

To help you find those gram-worthy bars and never waste time at a dull cocktail spot again, Central London Apartments has analysed which bars in London have been shared on Instagram and hashtagged the most.

As with the most Instagrammed beaches list, its worth noting that this ranking is based on the number of times a bar has been hashtagged, not how many times someone has posted a photo of the place or in the bars location. So were talking specifically about bars that appeal to people who would hashtag their location.

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Were not saying anything about such people, but we need to make you aware.

Anyway, heres the list of the most hashtag Instagrammed bars in London.

1. Sketch

Well, duh. Everythings pink.

2. Aqua Shard

Another obvious one on the list. Its up the Shard, everyones going to go there and gram the view.

3. Shoreditch House

If youre fancy enough to know someone with a membership, go for it. Shoreditch House does have an excellent pick n mix selection.

4. The Ned

Super fancy plus nice plants. The toilets also offer an excellent selfie backdrop.

5. Cahoots

A theme always works to get people through the door, and this Blitz-y bar is a winner. Pose with one of their newspapers if you dont mind being a cliche.

6. Oblix

Another one in the Shard.

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7. Bob Bob Ricard

If you stick a champagne button in your bar, people are going to put it on Instagram.

Wear blue to coordinate with the booths and do a boomerang of yourself pushing the button. But be careful: Actually pressing the button will bring champagne, so you might want to fake it unless youre up for splashing the cash.

8. Berners Tavern

Good cocktails, excellent mac n cheese.

9. The Rumpus Room

Everyone snaps the view and the fancy lights. Fair enough, as both are pretty great.

10. Radio Rooftop

Everyone loves a rooftop bar.

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11. London Cocktail Club

There are retro games, pretty cocktails, plant-covered booths. Its an Instagrammers dream.


12. Searcys

Everyone wants a sweet view over London.

13. The Churchill Arms

Head there at summer for a beer in the sun, then go near Christmas to look at the bar covered in fir trees. Grab a mulled wine while youre there.

14. Pergola on the Roof

Those beams are dreamy.

15. Quaglinos

A bathroom made for Instagram.

16. Mr Foggs

Take your pick from Mr Foggs Residence, Tavern, or Gin Parlour.

17. Thai Square

The flowers on the doorway help.


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18. German Gymnasium


19. Franks Cafe

Is our obsession with taking selfies in front of this colour why they call it millennial pink?

20. Hoi Polloi

We cannot guarantee that a dog will always be at Hoi Polloi, but the drinks are good.

21. One Aldwych

Have you SEEN the lift?

22. Dandelyan

Marble! Pink seats! Walls lined with plants!

23. The Avalon

Again, cant promise dogs, but there is a foliage wall which is great.

24. Little Bar

Now closed, in devastating news.

25. Bar Bouloud

Please dont come here just for drinks, the food is far too good.

26. Hovarda

Big fans of the chemist theme.

27. Bourne & Hollingsworth

Sip a cocktail surrounded by plants, why dont you.

28. Coupette

Thats one jazzy bar.

29. Callooh Callay

Go for the bathroom, stay for the Alice in Wonderland cocktails.

30. The Rum Kitchen

Great sofas.

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