Behold: Avozilla – the biggest avocado youve ever seen

Behold: Avozilla - the biggest avocado you've ever seen
(Picture: Cameron Perna/Mercer Mooney)

Sometimes, one regular avocado just isnt enough.

And its in those times that you probably need to get your hand on…the Avozilla.

Its a massive avocado thats now being sold in Australia. It weighs on average 1.2kg, with each fruit being four times the size of a regular avo and offering up to 20 servings.

The biggest one Ive weighed is 1.73 kilos, says Cameron Perna, Tropical and Exotic Fruit Manager at Mercer Mooney.

Originally from South Africa, these beasts actually came to the UK back in 2013, but theyve now gone down under and – we suspect – may send us wild for them all over again.

According to the farmer who has brought the variety down under, Ian Groves, these whoppers taste just like regular avocados but are slightly softer to spread (useless if youve got a load of avo toasts to put together!).

Avozilla, giant avocado available in Australian supermarkets (Picture: Peaches Fresh Food)
(Picture: Peaches Fresh Food)

He tells the Guardian that this is the first harvest hes had, and that hes distributing the fruits to grocers in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

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There is a nursery we buy different trees off and when we were planting a bunch of avocados 10 years ago they gave us one as a trial, he says.

And after about four or five years, we tried a few of the fruit and thought wed give them a go. So we planted a small block of about just under 400 trees.

Theyre coming up to about four years and this is their first production.

Its quite an exclusive club of farmers who can even grow these giant avos.

Avozilla, giant avocado available in Australian supermarkets (Picture: Peaches Fresh Food)
(Picture: Peaches Fresh Food)

The South African company who first developed them still owns the rights so you have to get its permission and pay royalties before you even get planting.

And anyone thinking of undercutting Ian is going to have to wait a long time because, as he says, it takes four years between sewing and harvesting.

But just imagine how wild hipster cafes will go if they do manage to get their hands on an avocado the size of an ostrich egg..

Avozilla, giant avocado available in Australian supermarkets (Picture: Cameron Perna/Mercer Mooney)
(Picture: Cameron Perna/Mercer Mooney)

Avozillas are being sold for $14.99 (£11.30) and while that might seem quite a lot, this is a lot of avocado.

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