Brexit Officials Resign: PM Gave The EU Too Much, Too Easily

Sharan Kumar | Contributor

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Brexit Minster David Davis and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have resigned in protest against Prime Minister Theresa Mays decision to pursue a soft exit from the European Union, reports Reuters

“The general direction of policy will leave us in, at best, a weak negotiating position, and possibly an inescapable one.” Davis states in his resignation letter to May

The two high-profile resignations are the result of months of failed compromise within Mays cabinet over the size and scope of Brexit. Theresa May has opted for a soft Brexit deal that is business friendly and appeases many of the demands of EU negotiators, much to the chagrin of the more Eurosceptic members of her cabinet who expected a Hard Brexit that granted more sovereignty to the UK.

Many Tory Brexiteers had a serious problem with parts of the deal that forced the UK to continue to sign up to the EU rules on free trade within the bloc.

“It seems to me were giving too much away, too easily, and thats a dangerous strategy at this time,” Davis told BBC Radio 4s Today program.

Boris Johnson was the main proponent of Brexit in 2016 and played a critical role in convincing the electorate to vote “leave.” His resignation combined with Davis resignation, who was the chief negotiator for Brexit, is a blow to Mays credibility in the eyes of hardline conservatives who now see little hope in producing a deal that mirrors the ideal “hard” Brexit that was voted for two years ago.

While Davis still supports Mays leadership on the issue, he fundamentally disagrees with her approach to Brexit and resigned because could not be an effective negotiator in good faith.

May tried to appease the indignant Brexiteers by quickly appointing Brexit campaigner Dominic Raab as Daviss replacement but it wasnt enough to quell the anger, as many are already calling for her to be unseated.

The general voting constituency is starting to voice their disapproval with how negotiations are being handled, with voter approval of the PM in record low levels of 29 percent, according to the ORB international pollster.

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