Aldi is once again selling the most expensive steaks in the world for under a tenner

Aldi is once again selling the most expensive steaks in the world for under a tenner
(Picture: PA/Aldi)

Aldi is selling the most expensive steak cuts in the world for super cheap.

The supermarket has revealed youll now be able to find its Specially Selected Wagyu Sirloin Steak and Specially Selected Wagyu Ribeye Steak on its shelves for just £7.99.

Just to put into perspective how amazing that is, some Wagyu steaks can cost up to £500 per kilo. Madness.

While the steaks arent new – Aldi previously sold them before, only for them all to sell out – youll want to get down to your local Aldi ASAP to try them, as theyre Specialbuy, which means once the shelves are empty, theyll stay that way.

(Picture: PA/Aldi)

The steaks are inspired by the famous Japanese Kobe Wagyu, which is seriously expensive.

Its known for its distinct marbling of fat which melts as it cooks, making a really tender steak.

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Aldis Ribeye cut is marbled with more fat than most steaks, meaning it offers a more intense flavour, while the Sirloin cut has a smaller amount of fat, making it slightly denser.

But obviously, the difference in the steaks doesnt matter all that much – as theyre cheap enough to buy both and trial them over a couple of nights.

Complete with chips, mushrooms, onion rings and a tomato, of course.

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