Argentinian Handmaids Protest In Front Of Congress, Demand Abortion Become Legal

Abortion advocates donned red cloaks and white bonnets in Buenos Aires Wednesday to symbolize a cry for Argentina to legalize abortion, likening themselves to the oppressed subjects of a fantastical dystopian totalitarian regime.

The protesters marched in silence in front of Argentinas Congress building with their heads bowed, The Associated Press reported. The protesters wore the same garments seen in Hulus hit show, “The Handmaids Tale.” The show is based on Margaret Atwoods novel that portrays a dystopian future in which a select group of women are raped to ensure societys progeny continues.

Protesters advocating for abortion and womens reproductive rights in America, Argentina and elsewhere have used the handmaid apparel symbolically to convey what they believe is todays oppression by the patriarchy and bureaucracy. (RELATED: Missouri To Give Planned Parenthood The Boot, Handmaids Protest)

The author, who is supportive of the protests, tweeted at pro-life Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti in June, saying, “Dont look away from the thousands of deaths every year from illegal abortions. Give Argentine women the right to choose!”

The demonstration comes comes after Argentinas lower house of Congress voted to legalize abortion until 14 weeks in pregnancy on June 14. The bill allows women to have abortions after 14 weeks in cases of rape or where the mothers health is in danger. A minor who was raped would also be allowed to abort without having to inform her parents or the authorities under the proposed bill.

“This is a great day for all women. Women are proud to be taking this step,” Silvia Lospennato, a lawmaker who voted for the bill, said after it passed the lower house. “Women are going to fight for equality, whatever it costs.”

Thousands of Argentinian pro-lifers gathered July 8 to pray that the nation does not pass the proposed law legalizing abortion.

Argentinas Senate will debate whether to pass the legislation on Aug. 8.

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