EastEnders spoilers: Shirley tries to protect Halfway from a dangerous Stuart

Shirley and Halfway investigate in EastEnders
Shirley and Halfway investigate. (Picture: BBC)

Shirley hasnt been kind to Halfway in EastEnders, ever since she learned about his big brothers actions. But that all changed tonight.

Halfway woke to a message from Stuart on his phone and was unnerved when he listened to it – it was simply a recording of Stuart breathing.

Most people would find such a message creepy – Shirley certainly did, but Halfway was worried about his brother. He interpreted the message and the apologetic note Stuart had left in the pub as a sign that Stuart might be suicidal.

When Halfway declared that he was going to check on Stuart in Canning Town, Shirley decided that she would accompany him.

They arrived to find the flat empty and in its usual grimy state.

Halfway went to see if Stuart was in the local pub, leaving Shirley to rummage through Stuarts belongings in the flat.

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Shirley found Stuarts photo album and was horrified to find the photo of the Highway brothers, with Halfways face viciously scratched out. Not wanting to scare Halfway she hid the photo when he returned.

A concerned Shirley softened towards Halfway and the two shared a nostalgic moment as they leafed through old photographs.

Shirley tried to reassure Halfway by telling him that Stuart was probably just on a bender.

Shirley finds the photo. (Picture: BBC)

But Halfway wanted to stay at the flat until he saw Stuart once more.

Shirley was disappointed but left. When she saw Whitney back in Albert Square, she showed her the photograph of Halfway and told Whitney that he was in danger. She said that Halfway needed Whitney – but the girl brushed Shirley off.

Will Halfway ever make a choice between Stuart and the Carters? And has he lost Whitney for good? It certainly appears that way.

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