Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel Thomas rages at lying Bob Hope

Laurel and Bob get together in Emmerdale
Bob and Laurel fight. (Picture: ITV)

A despondent Bob Hope finally came clean tonight and admitted to Laurel Thomas that he was still unemployed.

Bob had gallantly resigned from the cafe and fully expected to return to his previous jobs from years past, at tights company Naughty Nylons.

But the new owner swiftly rejected Bob after a disastrous job interview. But Bob couldnt face telling Laurel the truth and lied to her, saying that the interview had gone well.

Its the second time Bob has betrayed Laurel, as he also covered up his resignation from the cafe.

Nicola interrupted the pair, who were finally having a heart to heart and invited them camping. Laurel noticed that Bob was sad and when she probed, he told her that hed heard her tell Nicola that their relationship was a mistake.

The couple had to rush off to the campsite and as tents and games swirled around them, finally discussed their relationship.

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Bobs confidence was clearly shaken, as he told Laurel that he was a middle aged failure. He then confessed about the Naughty Nylons job.

Bob needs a job. (Picture: ITV)

Laurel was furious but eventually understood that Bob didnt want to let her down and the two patched up.

But the two are still struggling to make ends meet and Bob remains unemployed. Will financial stress finally separate this fragile couple?

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