Emmerdale spoilers: Has Faith Dingle put Sarah Sugden at risk?

Sarah Sugden may die in Emmerdale
Sarah is scared (Picture: ITV)

Stubborn Sarah Sugdens refusal to have a critical heart transplant broke Debbies heart. But did Faith change Sarahs mind?

Debbie was furious when she realised that Sarah had left the hospital with Faith.

An anxious cardiologist explained to Debbie that there was a risk that Sarah would get an infection from the outside world.

Debbie rushed around the village, visiting various members of her family who attempted to calm her down.

Faith had taken Sarah to a dusty pub in the middle of nowhere where shed once been a regular.

Faith proceeded to emotionally blackmail Sarah for hours and told her that Debbie was a great mother.

The two proceeded to fight in the pub as Faith pleaded with Sarah to stay alive for her family.

Sarah is anxious in Emmerdale
Sarah is anxious (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Faith also pointed out that Sarah hadnt lived life yet – shed never fallen in love and never had her heart broken.

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Meanwhile Debbie threatened to call the police and was only stopped by a weary Eric, who used Faiths phone to track the pair.

Debbie and Eric drove up as Sarah calmed down a little.

Faith and Eric looked on as Debbie and Sarah had a heart to heart.

Sarah asked Debbie if she regretted having her, as doing so had deprived Debbie of a childhood.

A weeping Debbie was aghast and begged Sarah not to leave her. Debbie told Sarah that she couldnt face losing her.

Sarah promised that she would never run away again and admitted that she was scared of what was going to happen. She relented and agreed to have the operation.

Now all the Dingles need is a heart for Sarah.

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