Scots having been sharing their pictures of whisky

People enjoy sharing their lives on social media in the 21st century – and they also share their food and drink too.

So it comes as no surprise that new research has been released revealing the most popular drink people have photographed in Scotland this summer is whisky, according to Instagram data.

Celebrity Cruises commissioned the research, that began in May this year, to pinpoint the most Instagrammed summer drinks in the UK, Europe and US – finding the most popular drinks on the social media site.

Perhaps unsurprisingly in Scotland whisky topped the tables as the most Instagrammed drink, with Scots posting photos of the spirit over six times more than the next most popular drink, prosecco.

The data also revealed the drink that each city in the UK was gramming the most – interestingly Dundee was the only city in Scotland not to have whisky as their most popular, as there people are Instagrammed champagne more this summer.

The study confirms that the Scottish love affair with whisky is still going strong, with the popular spirit being named as the most Instagrammed drink of the summer in the Scotland. In fact, Scots are sharing six times more photos of whisky than prosecco which was the second most Instagrammed drink in the country. The research, which monitored every drinks-related Instagram post form around the world since May 2018, also revealed the popularity of beer in Scotland – IPA, ale and lager all appeared in the top 10.

Scotlands most Instagrammed summer drinks are:

Whisky – 11,075 posts;

Prosecco – 1,815 posts;

Champagne – 1,411 posts;

IPA – 809 posts;

Ale – 764 posts;

Bourbon – 640 posts;

Martini – 482 posts;

Tequila – 459 posts;

Lager – 440 posts;

Gin & tonics – 411 posts.

Celebrity Cruises undertook the research as part of their newly released Summer Drinks Report that reveals what the world is drinking this summer.

Champagne is the most popular drink in Dundee, according to the Instagram report

Every drinks-related Instagram post around the world was monitored since the beginning of May 2018 to track which wines, beers and cocktails were the most popular around the world in the summer season. The data has been split to see how our drinking tastes differ within the UK, Europe and the US, and maps have been created to easily compare and contrast what the world is drinking and posting to their Instagram this season.

Natalie Howard, digital marketing manager for Celebrity Cruises, said: Its now common place to snap a photo of your drink before you take your first sip, so we thought it would be particularly interesting to look at Instagram to discover what the most popular drinks of the summer are.

ts fascinating to see the definite trends across the different regions, such as Aperol Spritz in Europe, Prosecco in the UK and craft beer in the US. We hope that people can use the results to inspire them in their drinks choices when they next visit any of these countries.

In the UK, perhaps unsurprisingly, prosecco is the most posted drink on the photo-sharing app this summer for the country as a whole.

However, when you look at the data city by city you can see that different parts of the country are loving a range of seasonal drinks.

As well as Dundee, Champagne also topped the list in Birmingham, London and Portsmouth.

Beer is also popular on Instagram this summer in the UK according to the data, with ale being the most Instagrammed summer drink in Cambridge, Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield and lager being snapped the most in Newcastle.

The report has been compiled to not only highlight summer drinks trends, but also to help inspire visitors to sample particular beverages that are uniquely popular to certain cities and countries. To see the full report click HERE.

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