Lidl launches a new pomegranate and rose flavoured gin

(Picture: Lidl)

Lidl has just launched a new addition to its popular gin liqueur range – Hortus Pomegranate & Rose Gin Liqueur.

The gin costs £11.99 for a 500ml bottle and has an ABV of 20%.

Apparently, it has the perfect combination of fruity and floral, with the rose flavour adding a light floral quality and the pomegranate adding sweetness and tart fruit flavours.

Lidls Spirits Expert, Tristan Stephenson, recommends serving the new spirit with Lidls Italian Asti Spumante, which contains 7.5% ABV at £5.49.

He also says it should be served in a champagne flute and a strip of lemon.

The new gin is anticipated to be incredibly popular, after Lidl has seen a 40% increase in gin sales this year. Over 400 bottlers per hour of its Gin Liqueurs were also sold last November, which equates to 7 bottles per minute within the first few days.

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Paul McQuade, Head of Buying for Spirits at Lidl UK, said: The new gin liqueur will strengthen and diversify the Hortus offering, moving it on from the popular existing varieties which focus on sweet fruits, and basing this addition on the recent floral spirits trend.

Since Lidl UK recently won Supermarket Own Branded Spirits Range of the Year at the International Spirits Challenge, we have listened to the fantastic response from our customers and innovated our own-label Hortus range with fantastic results.

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