People cant handle The Shape of Water as it grosses-out new viewers after its added to HBO

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The movie was added to HBO and now its got a whole new group of fans (Picture: Twentieth Century Fox)

A whole bunch of people have been introduced to The Shape of Water – the aquatic romp that one Best Picture at the Oscars earlier this year.

And for those that didnt get to catch the award-winner in cinemas way back when it was released, theyre now able to after it was added to HBO this week.

Now available on the streaming service, it picked up the attention of a whole new potential fan-base of people… a whole bunch of people who didnt know what the film was about.

Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer star in the film (Picture: Fox Searchlight Pictures)

For the uninitiated, to boil it down to a sentence, its about a mute woman who falls in love with a half-man, half-fish creature.



And they have sex.

Theres also a scene in which the fish-man eats a cat.

While the film has been out for several months now and its content widely known throughout the lands, its evident there remained a corner of the internet who had no idea The Shape of Water wasnt some educational documentary about h2O, or something.

Twitter blew up on the weekend, too, as punters soon made their way through the film – often with young children, thinking it was kid-friendly.

Oh how wrong they were.

Seven minutes into SHAPE OF WATER and heres what I know so far: The main character is mute, she digs Shirley Temple, and keeps an egg timer on the sink so that she doesnt forget to stop masturbating. Oscar voters, you crazy.

— Mark Graham (@unclegrambo) September 23, 2018


— sar-a-cha (@sarrahcha) September 23, 2018

I just watched The Shape of Water. Good movie. I wasn't ready for the love story. ?? Why did none of you bitches prep me? ?

— Tashann Grant (@MrsGrimesGrant) September 23, 2018

???I was watching it while my family was in the living room. Thank goodness they werent really watching it. I was like whoa she …. okay let me go watch this by myself in my room. ?

— Richonne Shipper (@MsBossLadyTuck) September 23, 2018

Oh this joint is Rated R, I thought this gonna be like a fairytale or some shit lmaooooooo

— . (@AhnRee__) September 23, 2018

Others just couldnt believe a movie like this got made in the first place, let alone won an Oscar.



I cant believe… someone WROTE the shape of water… and someone read it and said yea lets make it a movie… one said. And THEN people watched it… and gave it awards.. yall weird.

While it weirded out the newbies, it also gained a whole new bunch of loyal followers.

OMG The Shape of Water is such a great movie!!! a new avid fan Tweeted. 50s sci-fi, Secret government facilities, The military industrial complex, The cold war, The Soviets….its got everything!!!

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Guillermo Del Toro is so awesome!!!

Another added: Im still incredibly glad that THE SHAPE OF WATER won Best Picture and everyone can fight me !!

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