Rejoice, chicken fans, for Nandos is (temporarily) bringing back the Churrasco Burger

Its back. (Picture: Nandos)

You all know about the Churrasco Burger debacle, right?

First Nandos sneakily removed the fan favourite burger from the menu by slipping in its demise to an announcement about the launch of the Sunset Burger. People were furious, they mourned, they launched petitions, it was all very sad.

Then, in January of this year, Nandos heard our desperate cries and brought the Churrasco Burger back… but only for a few weeks. The scoundrels.

Now, theyre doing it again.

To remind us that joy is fleeting and nothing good lasts forever, Nandos is returning the Churrasco Burger to the menu yet again, for a limited time only.

The subtle differences between the Sunset Burger and the Churrasco Burger:

Sunset Burger: two flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs, melted cheese, spinach, and smokey red pepper jam, on a sweet Bolo do Caco bun.

Churrasco Burger: two flame-frilled chicken thighs, crunchy Fino Coleslaw, cheddar cheese and Churrasco PERinaise, on a Portuguese roll.

Throughout October the Churrasco Burger will be back on offer, with 25p of each sale going towards Nandos Fighting Malaria campaign, which works to fund spraying projects in Mozambique.

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As well as using the Churraso Burger for a good cause, Nandos will also donate 10p from every purchase of a 2M beer towards the campaign, and any time a customer buys a Churrasco and a 2M, that contribution jumps to 50p. Sweet.

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If youre a Nandos fan but arent big on chicken thighs, you can support the campaign by picking up one of the brands bracelets for a suggested donation of £3.50.

But for Churrasco Burger fans, the important thing to know is this: Its back, its as glorious as ever, but you can only get your paws on it from 1 October to 31 October.

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