EU could inflict PERMANENT winter on Britain by BANNING clocks going back – despite Brexit

The EU is planning to scrap the annual hour change in April 2019, just one month after the Article 50 departure date.

Europe agreed to the plan saying the practice has a negative impact on peoples sleep, damages their health as well as inhibits productivity at work.

According to a new House of Lords report which was published today, the UK would have to choose between a “permanent summer” or a “permanent winter”.

European Commission President Jean-Clause Junker has claimed “the people want this”, despite the Lords report pointing out most of the EUs feedback was from only three member states.

“The European Commissions proposal to end seasonal time changes goes beyond its remit.”

Lord Whitty

Chairman of the UKs EU Internal Market Committee Lord Whitty said: “The European Commissions proposal to end seasonal time changes goes beyond its remit and is not in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity.

“We are therefore recommending that the House of Lords issues a reasoned opinion.

“The report will be debated on Wednesday.”

The UK considered ending daylight saving time in 2011 under David Cameron, but the idea was quickly put to bed because it was not supported by the Scottish Government.

Daylight saving time was first introduced during the First World War in the UK, to give factory workers more hours of daylight during the winter.

It was adopted across Europe in 1980 to save money on energy.

Supporters say giving more morning light in winter and evening light in summer prevents children travelling to and from school in the dark and can lower the number of traffic accidents.

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