Emmerdale spoilers: Is Rebecca White leaving with Ross Barton?

Ross and Rebecca leave in Emmerdale
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Its all change in Emmerdale as Mike Parrs final scenes air this week, meaning we have to wave goodbye to Ross Barton from the cast. But is Rebecca White heading off to pastures new with him? Many fans are hoping that they can have a happy ending but when Rebecca has a change of heart tonight, their plans are thrown into turmoil.

Rebecca made a harsh threat to Robert Sugden in which she reminded him that she could use his past to ensure that he would never get custody of Seb. In all fairness, she may not have considered that Ross own past of shooting Robert may well be brought up too but Aaron is hoping that it doesnt come to that when he reaches out to Rebecca and begs her not to take Seb away tonight.

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(Picture: ITV)

Aarons words hit home with Rebecca and she approaches Ross to suggest that they put their move on hold – at least until all parties have reached an agreement on what is best for the kids. However, Ross is done with the village and is adamant that he is going before the week is out.

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This means that Rebecca is forced to tell him that she isnt going anywhere without her son. Broken hearted, Ross accepts that he will be heading to Liverpool on his own and at the end of the week, he says his emotional goodbyes to Pete and Moira.

But as he heads off, is this really the end of the line for him and Rebecca? Or will she do another u-turn and grab a potential happy ending with Ross?

It remains to be seen how their story ends and whether Rebecca is staying or going but either way, it spells the end for Ross time in the show. Lets hope he has happier times in Liverpool than he has had in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale continues on Thursday 1st November at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.

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