A third of Britons have reduced their meat intake or stopped entirely

Luckily going veggie or vegan doesnt just mean leaves (Picture: Getty)

Today is World Vegan Day, which is a perfect time to have a think about how much meat we eat.

But, it turns out plenty of Brits are already doing so, and have been actively reducing the animal products theyre consuming.

According to a recent study by Waitrose, one in eight people in Britain are now completely vegan or vegetarian, and even more consider themselves flexitarian.

21% of the people asked gave themselves the flexi title, meaning they eat a mostly vegetarian diet, with a few meat products thrown in now and again.

More than 33% overall said they were cutting down on or cutting out meat entirely.

The supermarkets 2018-19 food and drink report is calling it the era of the mindful consumer, as more and more people are becoming conscious of the environmental and wellbeing consequences of what they eat.

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60% of those who answered that they were vegan or vegetarian have adopted their new lifestyle in the last five years, showing that the tide really is turning when it comes to plant-based.

More than half of those people put their choice down to animal rights concerns, 45% had their health as a reason, and 38% factored the environment in their decision.

Natalie Mitchell, head of brand development for the company said, This year, weve seen vegan food go mainstream. Whether cooking at home, buying prepared food or trying the many newly vegan-friendly restaurants, people are discovering that it tastes amazing.

The irony isnt lost on us that its Waitrose championing veganism and vegetarianism.

Their in-house magazine editor William Sitwell resigned yesterday after making a joke to a pitching freelancer about killing vegans and exposing their hypocrisy.

Waitrose Magazine did release a statement, however, saying it was the right and proper move for Sitwell to step down, and given they recently launched a new vegan range, its likely they dont agree with him.

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