Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin shock arrest after Tracy Barlow confession

(Picture: ITV)

Abi Franklins set for even more heartache after Tracy Barlow finally reveals the truth in Coronation Street.

After seeing the twins happy in their foster home and on learning, Abi sank into a pit of despair, turning to drugs to ease the pain and ending up in hospital.

The guilt of seeing her friend so distraught causes Tracys guilt to bubble to the surface and she finally does what she should have done all along – confesses to Abi that she was the one who sabotaged Michelles car.

Devasted, Abi boots Tracy out of the hospital as she tries to cope with what shes heard, but its not the only bad news to hit hear as on leaving the hospital, a social worker reveals her drugs relapse has caused her to lose her visitation rights to the twins.

(Picture: ITV)

Left in utter despair, Abi comes to a heartbreaking conclusion – shes not good enough for the twins and they should be given up for adoption. Seb is furious that Tracy has caused his family to implode and sees red, grabbing a broom and trashing the florists.

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Abi hears the commotion and charges in to stop him, but doing the right thing has dire consequences – Ken spots her and assumes shes the one whos trashed the place.

He calls the police and as they arrive Seb legs it, leaving Abi to take the fall to protect him, even grabbing money from the till to make it look like she was the culprit.

When Tracy realises whats happened she tells Abi she wont press charges but its too late – Abi will face court on Friday, and there is even further heartbreak ahead.

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