A proposal, Sonya goes missing and someone cheats: 8 big Neighbours spoilers

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Its a week of highs and lows in Neighbours as there are wedding bells combined with possible death sentences for the Ramsay Street residents.

Mark is staring down the barrel of a life sentence as he is set to get his results for his Huntingtons gene test. But which will hit him harder, the results or his girlfriend secretly snogging his sister?

Alices terrifying plan seems to be nearing a very troubled conclusion as Sonya goes missing – can Toadie find her in time?

And one loved up-slash-guilty resident pops the question.

Here are your spoilers for the week ahead!

1. Jane leaves Erinsborough after learning the truth

**EMBARGO 19th NOVEMBER 2018** NEIGHBOURS 7981 08 - Jane Harris (Annie Jones) & Paul (Stefan Dennis) pick up where they left off.
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No one has clued Jane in as to why shes really in town, which is a fair one really given that theyve brought her half way across the world in the simple hope of getting Paul off their backs for a bit. She doesnt need to know that.

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Amy avoids telling her what Paul has really been like of late, but Terese cant keep it a secret when her guilty conscience gets the better of her. Jane is floored, and leaves Erinsborough!

2. Terese has babies on her mind

Terese is plagued by hers and Leos age difference, convinced hell definitely want babies one day, but a chat with someone supportive will help her realise she doesnt have anything to worry about.

3. Sonya starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms

Sonyas health is taking a downward spiral as Alice makes her unwittingly go cold turkey. Shes starting to get all of the symptoms and is feeling more and more ill without knowing why. Elsewhere, Alice tries to convince Toadie that Nell told her Sonya is being evil to her, but will Toadie believe her bad words against his wife?

4. Mark is frightened by his test results – has he got Huntingtons?

Mark is thrown when David reveals his test results will be ready in just a couple of days and struggles with the weight of the potentially life changing news. Unable to cope with his emotions he takes them out on Bea, and protective Ned confronts Mark ready for a fight. Will it end in violence?

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5. Elly is fired

While Mark is waiting for his news, Elly is dealt some bad news herself. Having already got on the wrong side of Jane, Elly makes the foolhardy choice of breaking the rules one more time and sneaking off site to see Mark at lunch despite Jane imposing a rule that no one must leave during the day.

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Jane finds out, and Elly is for the chop.

6. Chloe kisses Elly

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Attempting to cheer Elly up over her bad news, Chloe arranges a day for them to spend together. They have a fun afternoon, drinking and giggling, and Elly is touched by her support.

But during a deep moment Chloe reads the signals and pounces – shocking Elly with a kiss!

7. Theres a proposal!

(Picture: Channel 5)

With all this bad news flying about, its about time there was something good going on.

The Brennan family gather at the hospital as Marks test results come in and they anxiously wait if he too has been handed a death sentence. Elly is caught up in the moment and declares her undying love for Mark, partly motivated by guilt by her kiss. She tells him no matter what the results say, shes there for him.

In a moment of passion, she proposes! And he accepts. Theres going to be a wedding in Erinsborough – we hope. It transpires Mark doesnt have the Huntingtons gene and Chloe is forced to tell Elly their kiss meant nothing. But in reality, shes falling hard.

8. Sonya goes missing

Alice has tampered with Toadies laptop and returns it without him realising. Sonya meanwhile is suffering from increased withdrawal symptoms and Toadie is worried for her health as her flu-like symptoms get worse. But its all part of Alices plan, and she uses Sonyas altered state to mess with her – showing her images on Toadies laptop of him and Andrea together. Only when she confronts Toadie and he takes a look, the photos arent there!


Later a disorientated Sonya wakes up alone and goes in search of Toadie after Alice lies about how she went missing. Sonya has bumped into a group of Christmas revellers and theyre passing around a bottle of plonk – will she be tempted to fall off the wagon?

Scenes air from Monday 3 December at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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