Kelloggs launches pink strawberry-flavoured Rice Krispies

(Picture: Kelloggs)

Kelloggs is launching a new Rice Krispies cereal but like all amazing sounding foods in the world, its not going to be available in the UK.


Launching in America, the cereal brand has released a new flavour for the first time in more than 10 years: Strawberry Krispies.

According to Kelloggs, the Rice Krispies will have a naturally-inspired strawberry flavour, and pink in colour.

But, according to Delish, the flavour was actually first released in the 80s, but is now made from a new recipe.

So far, there have been mixed reviews about the cereal on Twitter, with some wondering why Kelloggs felt the need to launch (or re-launch) a classic with strawberry flavour.

Cut it out Strawberry ?!!!

STOP infiltrating everything!!! Strawberry milk was gross…now they are trying to wreck Rice Krispies. ???

Hey Strawberry…stick to ice cream and just being a fruit.

Curse your tiny seeds that constantly get stuck between my teeth!!!!!!

— Joe Cobble (@Joewcob3) November 27, 2018

If these were unsweetened or very lightly sweetened, I'd be interested for sure. I have a feeling this is a highly sugared Rice Krispies in which case I'd prefer the traditional cereal with slices of real strawberry and a dash of sugar.

But I LOVE strawberries, so lean IN!

— ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ | Coop ? (@ProducerCoop) November 26, 2018

Were super sad that the cereal isnt coming to the UK. Why does America always get the good stuff?

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The new cereal will hit the shelves in January 2019, and will be sold in two sizes for £3.12 and £4.46 respectively.

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But, if youre heading across the pond in the New Year, you could always bring a packet back with you.

Heres hoping the rest of us can at least get it on Amazon.

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