10 EastEnders spoilers: Linda destroys Stuart, Kat and Alfie reunite and Tiffanys shock threat

EastEnders spoilers for Linda, Kat, Alfie, Louise and Tiffany
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Shocking showdowns, sinister plans, special two hander episodes, webs of lies and major decisions – its all happening in EastEnders as the run up to Christmas is officially on. Linda Carter wants her husband Mick home and that means bringing down Stuart Highway once and for all – so she takes drastic action as she implements her plan to expose him once and for all.

Alfie Moon wants to have his cake and eat it as he is determined to win wife Kat back but he also wants to play a part in the life of his baby with Hayley Slater – but the tension of the situation drives Hayley to make a big decision.

Here are the latest spoilers:

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Linda implements her plan and is disgusted with herself for sharing a kiss with Stuart.
  • Alfie has a plan to sort out the overcrowding at the Queen Vic.
  • Ian is supportive of Jean when she beats Honey and Kim to get the solo at the concert.
  • Keanu wonders if Keegan is giving Louise the runaround as she asks for another driving lesson.
  • Tiffany issues a threat to Lily when she finds the drugs.
  • Hayley decides on a baby name
  • Kat and Alfie reunite as they share a passionate embrace.
  • Morag faces a mutiny in the choir as Kim makes a discovery.
  • Hayley makes a big decision as she fears her baby secret being revealed.
  • Linda takes drastic action during a showdown with Stuart, determined to expose him once and for all.

Monday 10th December

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Stuart is reveling in wearing micks Santa costume at the Vic but Linda starts to feel guilty when she hears that Ollie is missing Mick – she then discovers that a depressed Mick refused to see Shirley and Tina and know she has to make her move. But when she and Stuart kiss, she is left disgusted with herself and flees the room.

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Alfie is determined to make Christmas perfect and delegates tasks to everyone while insisting to a dubious Hayley that he wants to help with a baby. He then has a big idea on how to sort the overcrowding at the house.

Tiffany agrees to do another job for Evie while Jean wins the solo at the choir and Keanu worries about Louise and Keegan.

Tuesday 11th December

(Picture: BBC)

Kat shares a moment with Alfie and the pair head upstairs to get passionate but are interrupted by a delivery. Later, they finally get some time alone. Meanwhile, Hayley decides on a baby name and makes the announcement.

Stuart suggests to Linda that he steps away but Linda knows she needs him to stay and manipulates him. After Linda supports Stuart, he is won round and she nervously suggests that they have a night cap.

Tiffany is in a panic when her job goes wrong and when Lily hides the drugs, Tiffany threatens her and then feels horrible about what she has done. Kim plans to steal Jeans solo but her idea backfires.

Thursday 13th December

(Picture: BBC)

An anxious Linda knows she has to do whatever it takes to get the truth from Stuart and free Mick from prison and, as she finds herself alone with him at The Vic, she executes the final part of her plan. But will he discover what she is up to?

Friday 14th December

(Picture: BBC)

Tiffany feels horrible about what happened with Lily and confides in Bernadette but she is shocked when her friend responds with harsh words. Later, Whitney approaches Tiffany, saying she knows everything.

Hayley fears the secret being exposed and desperately calls Bev for help. But when Bev rejects her, Hayley makes the decision to leave. Kim makes a shocking discovery at choir practice and Jean is scolded by Morag, leaving her fuming that Ian hasnt defended her. Louise asks Keanu for more driving lessons.

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