BREAKING: Britain CAN stop Brexit by revoking Article 50, top EU lawyer says

Campos Sanchez-Bordona, the The European Court of Justice's Advocate General, has suggested Britain has the right to withdraw the Brexit notice mechanism without the consent of the European Union.

His opinions are not binding, but the ECJ – the highest legal authority in the EU – tends to adopt his views when making rulings.

"Advocate General Campos Sanchez-Bordona proposes that the Court of Justice should declare that Article 50 … allows the unilateral revocation of the notification of the intention to withdraw from the EU," the EUs top court said in a statement.

If the recommendation becomes law, Prime Minister Theresa May would have the option to revoke Article 50 if Britain chooses to remain a member of the EU in the future.

As it stands, the UK is scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm on 29 March 2019 – a process enshrined into law by the triggering of Article 50 almost two years ago.

Whether Britain actually leaves the EU on that date depends on the outcome of the “meaningful vote” on the House of Commons on Mrs Mays Brexit deal on December 11.

A majority vote against the PMs withdrawal agreement would throw the fate of Brexit – and her leadership – into doubt and uncertainty.

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