Casualty review with spoilers: Duffys secret is out

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Maybe I should say that one of Duffys secrets is out in Casualty, because as of the end of the episode she still hadnt managed to tell Charlie Fairhead about her health problems. He had enough on his plate, anyway, having just discovered that his wife has been unfaithful.

It all came out when Duffys old pal and former conquest Bill Crowthers was brought into the ED with chest pain. Ethan didnt think it was too much to worry about medically and left Bill in the capable hands of Charlie. At first, the two were bonding like nobodys business. I can imagine you and me having a pint under different circumstances, Bill told Charlie. What they didnt realise at that point was just how much they had in common. Duffy, for instance.

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep16
Problems for Chuffy (Picture: BBC)

Then Bill mentioned that he was an old friend of Duffys, and how recently one thing led to another. It was slightly implausible that he didnt put two and two together that Duffys husband was a nurse called Charlie and this nice nurse he wanted to have a pint with was also called Charlie, but there you go. And there Charlie went, walking in a dazed fashion back to his office, ignoring all his colleagues as he went, because he needed a few minutes on his own to process what hed just heard.

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Duffy tried to explain to Charlie that the night with Bill had been a mistake, one night of stupidity, but he wasnt in the mood to hear it. If shed said Im being treated for depression and I also think I might have dementia, he might have been a tad more willing to listen, but she didnt. Still, they go back a long way and have been through a lot. Charlie later said they were still a team, and they arranged to have dinner together and talk things through. And then Charlie saw Bill holding Duffys hand (innocently, it turned out). It was too much for Charlie. I cant spend my life being suspicious, he told Duffy. She was about to tell him about her health issues (shed had a funny turn earlier while getting something out of the drugs trolley), but he didnt want to listen. So Duffy went home to pack a bag and move out. Is it the end of the road for Chuffy?

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep16
Alicia and Ethan disagree (Picture: BBC)

As one relationship falters due to lies, another one is warming up nicely – also mainly due to lies. Marty had been waiting for a text from Dr Joshua Bowers but had heard nothing. Jade encouraged him to go and talk to Joshua, and Marty found himself telling him how busy hed been looking after his aged nan. Now every time he looks at you hes going to be thinking of an old woman on the loo, Jade said. Marty had another attempt at chatting to Joshua and this time secured himself a date – but as single dad Joshua couldnt get a babysitter at short notice he thought theyd best book a table for four. That way, Marty could bring his adorable daughter Charlotte. That meant Marty once again borrowing Charlotte from Robyn, which is nice for Robyn as it gives her some time off – but its going to end in tears.

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Talking of ending in tears, after last weeks ill-judged attempt to kiss Ruby, Iain rang in sick to avoid seeing her. Ruby did go round to see him, but didnt even knock on the door. If she had shed have found Iain curled up on the sofa looking haunted.

Casualty - Series 33 - Ep16
Rubys worried about Iain (Picture: BBC)

Patients-wise, apart from Bill Crowthers and his daughter (haemorrhaging thanks to years of alcohol abuse followed by some fizzy pop), there was also a young shoplifter who had breathing difficulties. This was one of those cases where one doctor (Ethan) thinks the patient is good to be discharged, and another (Alicia) has an uneasy feeling about it all and wants to keep an eye on things. In these situations its invariably the uneasy feeling doctor who gets things right.

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