McDonalds is selling chicken nugget Christmas decorations

(Picture: McDonalds)

Its December, and so finally its time for McDonalds to release its Christmas decorations.

The fast food chain has launched a number of chicken nugget themed decorations, and we cant wait to hang them on our trees.

The chicken nugget bauble comes with glitter and a Santa hat, and was designed by BombKi1, the designer who makes baubles for Fortnum & Mason.

McDonald's Is Selling Chicken Nugget Christmas Decorations
(Picture: McDonalds)

There are also chicken nugget fairy lights, made up of a string of McNuggets with golden arches to ensure your tree looks like it was made at McDonalds.

Ben Fox, marketing director at McDonalds, said: Our new Reindeer Ready campaign aims to remind customers that we are there when they need us at this time of year – from a Christmas shopping coffee break to a pre-party burger or even a mid-present delivery carrot stop.

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If you havent already put your Christmas tree up, and you love a McDonalds, you know what to do.

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