Coronation Street spoilers: Fans are not looking forward to controversial scene between Kate Connor and Adam Barlow tonight

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Tonight is set to be make or break for Kate Connor and Rana Habeeb as Kate makes a huge decision that will impact on their relationship forever.

And fans are already on edge at thought of how far Kate is prepared to go to get the baby she badly desires.

She was left devastated to learn Robert no longer wants to father her baby – Michelle has suddenly decided shell have his kid after all – and finally confessed her plan to Rana, who was distraught at the fact her fiancee had withheld such huge information from her. Drowning her sorrows in the Rovers, Rana confessed to Alya that she wasnt sure she and Kate could carry on anymore after her dishonesty.

Kate, meanwhile, tonight does nothing to help in tonights Coronation Street, in fact she does the complete opposite. She and Rana have another blazing row about their future, and Kate is left further disheartened when Michelle talks about her and Roberts baby plans.

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Hurt from realising she wont get what she wants, Kate turns to Adam for advice. As they chat in his office, he cracks open a bottle of scotch, which may very well be Kates undoing. In an alcohol haze she sees Adam in a new light and thinks she might just have found her new donor. In the heat of the moment she goes for it and passionately kisses him, but will she go even further?

But the storyline isnt sitting well with fans, who are angry that Kate would go to such extreme measures to have a baby.

Kate is not only betraying Rana, shes betraying herself and the whole LGBT community, one viewer wrote ahead of the controversial scenes. Another equally annoyed fan added that it could be a nightmare of an episode which could garner complaints.

She was also branded selfish and in need of help for her extreme actions that could bring about the end of her relationship.

Kate is not only betraying Rana, she's betraying herself and the whole LGBT community. #Corrie really went wrong here.
Big EastEnders return, Coronation Street betrayal and 7 other spoilers via @MetroUK

— TeamBhavna? (@MikeGage20) December 17, 2018

Kate needs to medical help, acting like she should have sex with robert & talk about it afterwards ? #corrie

— WestlifeHeart????♍♎ (@HonestHeart2216) December 17, 2018

Kate is that selfish! Ah dinnae ken whaur tae stert. If Rana dumps her, it's nae mair than she deserves. #Corrie

??????? Chaz ? (@Chazzbat) December 15, 2018

Im getting really irritated by Kate now. I get women can be broody but I honestly think shes going slightly insane. Its really not fair to Rana #Corrie

— Louise McGregor (@loulou3710) December 14, 2018

As for Kate Connor? She's the worst and I hope she's outta the show soon #Corrie

— Michael Harrison (@Michaelh747) December 16, 2018

Today is the day of the nightmare episode of corrie, Kate and Adam.. I can't wait to see all the complaints, offcom are going to be busy.@itvcorrie

— stef (@stefsgay) December 17, 2018

How far will Kate be prepared to go to get what she wants, will they stop at the kiss?

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Rana will find out about the smooch through Alya, who was told by Imran that hed seen the two get passionate, and shes given no choice but to end their romance. Is that really the end for these two?

RIP Kana, its been fun while it lasted.

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